Principal Message

Principal Message

CMK College has been the symbol of education and hope since the year 1970, when it was founded by the Sirsa Education Society (SES). Every year since, this institution has displayed the highest levels of integrity, standards, and a commitment for all-round welfare of its students.

I say this with pride, as this is the institution where I did my undergraduate. It gave me a strong foundation, academic strength, and the love of my professors and peers - and propelled me to higher levels of education from some of the best institutions in India. I was so moved by what this institution stands for that I came back to serve it as a professor and have been doing so for the last 34 years. I am honored to now take its legacy ahead as the officiating Principal and have a larger, profound impact on the lives of everyone associated with it.

At CMK, our aim is to prepare our students for successful and fruitful future lives. For this, we strengthen both important pillars of education - academic rigor as well as life skills training.
Academic Rigor provides students with knowledge, discipline, and the context through which the world exists and functions as it is. We have education streams such as Arts & Humanities, Science, Commerce, Fashion Design, Journalism, Management, & many more. Our faculty is tenured and trained, and we follow the syllabi prescribed by the Indian Authorities for the best institutions in India.

Life Skills training gives students wisdom and makes them ready to apply their academic learning in their real life. It is what actually makes them successful in their roles in society. Through their participation in cultural and extra-curricular activities, they learn the values of teamwork, of taking and giving instructions, and the importance of practice and hard work to achieve something in life. We also organize training and workshops that equip them with skills that make them employable as well as good citizens of this country. These include physical and martial arts training, placement and employability training, festivities and cultural events, communication workshops, and lots more.

As an educator, one has a palpable and important responsibility in life as we are at the helm of shaping young minds. I am honored to be given this role where I can impact thousands of lives and ensure a successful future for them. II am forever in the service of my students, my institution, its staff and patrons, and in turn, the great nation of India.

Dr Ranjana Grover
Off. Principal